The world is advancing, globalization is changing, global trade patterns are becoming more complex, value chains are being disrupted, this constant state of change has exposed the fragility of our complex institutions and has created unprecedented and ambiguous challenges. Due to the scale of these challenges and the level of ambiguity involved to expand globally, businesses need radical change to restructure its businesses, reinvent their talent model, build new networks and innovate at a faster pace.
Ambiguity and uncertainty are challenging by definition, but the majority of them are opportunities in disguise. we believe with our platform-based approach we can bring together different elements including talents, insights, resources, and networks to deal with such challenges, all while creating inclusive, supportive platforms along the way.
At NHUB, We collaborate with local and global partners to build inclusive and accessible hubs to build and incubate impactful ventures. Powered of media, talent, and perspective we build supportive platforms to help clients to identify and spot opportunities, create impact and unlock their global potential.
Being dynamic, resourceful & insightful enables us to

Scale Impact ↓

Our team of marketing and PR experts designs effective communication products based on your audience emotional reasons and engage them into your brands, and scale impact of your company's CSR.

Content marketing & Media Campaign

Thought Leadership

Event organization

Website & CMS platform

Branding strategy

Tailor-made marketing and PR solutions

Accelerate ↓

NHUB bridges the gap between “great on paper” and great in reality. We equip our clients with the ability to execute, offering innovative solutions, reinventing their talent model, and building the right mechanism to accelerate their transition into a global entity.

Business and policy consulting

Partnership & Resource matching

Talent Support (recruitment and training)

Tailor-made Acceleration program

Incubate ↓

We providing the perfect landing and launch platform for startups. our extensive network of industrial parks, investment firms, governmental institutions and a capable talent pool enables us to incubate existing startups and build exciting and impactful ventures.

Incubation & Market entry

Investment &Venture Building

Platform building (innovation centers, startup communities, service platforms)

Use our platforms to unlock your global potential


Exclusive business magazine allowing readers to dig deeper for information and NSIGHTs about local business ecosystems including a variety of content such as policy introductions, success stories, commentaries, investment opportunities. NSIGHT cuts through the noises to tell compelling stories, raise awareness about opportunities and win hearts and minds for your brand.


Is a series of curated events that brings together government representatives, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and talents under a single platform to engage in discussion, explore opportunities and launch impactful projects.


Powered by deep industry knowledge, and a network of resources, combined with our platform-based approach we provide the perfect launchpad for startups to grow and transition into a global enterprise.

Clients & Partners

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Beijing Two Zones Chaoyang Cluster
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beijing two zones policy
Beijing two zones policy
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company registration manual
Quick guide on how to register a company in Chaoyang district
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Based in Beijing Free Trade Zone, NHUB builds transparent, reliable, and supportive platforms to help organizations across private and public sector to transition into global entities


Wahed Ahmadzei Tony Xue

Wahed Ahmadzai


Wahed is a serial entrepreneur and community builder based in Beijing, with years of extensive experience in entrepreneurship management, organizational culture, and ecosystem building. Wahed also serves as the Secretary General of Alumni Talent Alliace, a non-profit entrepreneurship and career guidance service platform for foriengers. Wahed cofounded YOOFU International Culture Education and Study In China and successfully lead both ventures to land multiple rounds of investment. He is a veteran of the Beijing startup ecosystem, and Phoenix Youth Ambassador and a THINC fellow, advocating for inclusion, equality of opportunity, and transparency.

Tony Xue


Tony is an Expert in China-Europe Relations, Media, and Education Sector. Tony also serves as the Executive Director for China Europe Health & Sports Council, Vice Secretary-General for the Tao Xing Zhi Education Foundation Oversea Scholarship Fund, and China Social Assistance Foundation Driving Future Fund. With years of experience working with governmental institutions, international organizations across the education and media industry, tony has a profound understanding of China's business environment and consults commerce chambers and international firms on market entry and how to navigate the right opportunities.

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